How to build with ecological bricks?


Building Tips

How to build with cement floor brick

Construction with soil-cement brick is cheaper and faster.

IMPORTANT: All technical specifications mentioned herein are based on our experience. The technical specifications of the material, as well as the quantities to be used in other constructions will be the responsibility of the engineer responsible for the work.
Foundation / Foundation

The construction with soil-cement bricks depends on the type of foundation.

Leveling and first row

First. Row is placed at 0.1 to 0.2 cm intervals from the Foundation. After that, he is sitting with mass and level.

Establishment and pre-grouting

Prepare a dough by mixing a small amount of cement and earth and a fillet approximately 3 to 5 mm, this dough is placed between the rows.

Application of pre-grout


Brick placed after the pre-grout

Pre-grout cleaning

Suggestions for mixing:

3 liters of soil
150 ml of cement
150 ml of white cement

 Here you can use your imagination, the goal is to seal the in betweens of the bricks. But remember your bricks are already interlocked together.

Suggestion for the Applicator:

A PET type bottle, a

Glue the bottle cap and fit a pen cap


Now you may be tempted to ask where in the world do you male the bricks.

To that question, i invite you check this site