Red Storage Container Looks Normal From The Outside, But Inside There’s A Beautiful Home

container home

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When people think about buying their first home, they probably don’t immediately think about a storage unit.

Usually, people imagine gorgeous doors and windows, big yards, and white picket fences, not metal-sided, windowless storage containers.

But for some, a storage container is the perfect solution for a low-budget, easily movable home.

This red metal storage crate looks like a normal storage container from the outside. Inside, though, there is a stunning tiny home.

As the tiny home movement has taken off, more and more people have become interested in downsizing and living minimalist lifestyles.

Tiny houses allow people to live more nomadic lifestyles, since many tiny houses are on wheels or transport easily. This means that you can travel the country while never leaving behind the comforts of home.

Although most people who buy tiny homes are single or only live with one other person, there are also families that have joined the tiny house movement, living in small homes and even refurbished school buses.

This red storage container may look average from the outside, but it’s definitely far from average inside.

The only indication outside the container that there’s something special inside? The white door, potted plants, and simple patio table.

storage container at night

At night, the storage container looks even more nondescript.

But just wait until you see the inside — you won’t believe it!

Inside the container, there are gorgeous wooden floors, tall ceilings, and a spacious open floor plan.

Along with the wooden floors, the walls are paneled with light wood as well.

storage container living roomThe storage container is perfectly organized with a full bedroom, comfortable living room, and good-sized kitchen.

storage container kitchen

The kitchen in this tiny home has a lot of storage, a full-sized oven, full-sized fridge, and plenty of counter space.

The cabinets are painted a lovely sky blue color, which makes the room feel airy and bright.

kitchen storage container

The addition of the bright-yellow carpets adds an element of color to the neutral walls and floors.

Everything is stored well, so that there won’t be much clutter lying around.

storage unit home

There are clear sight lines from the kitchen through to the bedroom, which is just past the living room on the other side of the wall.

The ceiling lights emulate skylights, which brighten up the small home and make it seem like there are more windows than there are.

storage container bedroom

The bedroom, although not enormous, has enough room for two people to sleep comfortably.

The hanging lamps and mirror help make the space feel larger than it really is, and the shelf above the bed provides a great place to put books, phones, and other items that might normally go on a bedside table.

tiny house bathroom

The tiny home also offers a full-sized bathroom complete with a toilet, shower, and both a washer and dryer.

The bathroom is hidden behind a sliding barn door, which adds a style element and uses the space very well.

The best part about this tiny house? It’s for sale!

The owners listed it on eBay for only 99 cents! While the list price is $50,000, you should definitely start bidding now. This totally customized tiny home could be yours for even less.

sliding barn door

Would you live in a storage container tiny home like this? After seeing how gorgeous this one is, I definitely would!

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